My Story

I love a good challenge. Over the years, I have pursued dozens of challenges and goals ranging from extreme fitness to losing over sixty pounds in 90 days to mental deprivation. I've spent 30 days eating only raw food and a whole month of not lying (and telling the truth for any question asked) and more. Interesting and difficult challenges have tested my limits and driven me towards a better, brighter, and stronger future self.

Some of my motivational posters are on the right.

My goal with the 30/90 framework and is to capture the process I take in attempting my own personal challenges, package it up with useful utilities and simple steps, and deliver it to others who are looking to cultivate a better future self. My hope is that you enjoy reading the book and that it provides you with a coherent way to stay organized, dedicated, and sane while pursuing your own goals.

Each month, I will post my own challenges (or generalized versions of them) to the website. This let's you follow along and know that many other people are joining with you.

Stay strong,

- Rich